Real-time assessment of health status

Transform a typical wrist watch into an accurate smart medical device for real-time biomarker measurement

Non-invasive, wearable, health-tracking, adaptable device; Personalized; AI; Secured;

Biomarker monitoring & Artificial Intelligence Alarming

24-hour continuous remote monitoring of Cuffless Blood Pressure, Heart rate, Heart Rate Variability, Respiratory rate, Oxygen saturation (SpO2), Skin Temperature and Activity tracking/ recognition allowing for 3-7-day monitoring on a single charge.

Single Device Two Applications (Wrist & Patch)

A single wearable device with two applications (a wrist bracelet and a chest patch). Operating in and out of a hospital with seamless transition. Easy to use by all age groups for continuous monitoring of vital signs paired with artificial intelligence insights and alerts.

Internet of "Medical" Things and mobile connectivity

IoT connectivity for medical "things" Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 5.0 & 5G Security and trust Low power components Medical grade and delay tolerant